Greater Birth Missionary Church Of God


Our Pastor

William Hosley, Jr. was born on December 6, 1965 in Upson County to the parents of William Hosley, Sr. and Annie Lois Hosley.  Although he was the only child, his parents did not believe in sparing the rod.  They instilled in him to trust and believe in God.  As is evidenced, he was already building upon a solid foundation.  It is upon this foundation he stands, only to do the will and works of the Lord. 

            At an early age, Pastor Hosley joined the Midway C.M.E. Church in Lamar County.  While at Midway C.M.E., he began studying scriptures and getting to know God’s Words for himself.  For several years, he taught Sunday School at Midway C.M.E., later being ordained as a steward.  There came a time when God started calling on Pastor Hosley to go out and preach His Word.  He was no stranger to the things of God, nor the Word of God.  However, at that time, Pastor Hosley did not desire the path that God had chosen for his life and he made a futile attempt to run from it.  After many restless nights, Pastor Hosley knew that God was requiring submission to the call on his life.  In March of 2003, he accepted the calling from the Lord to preach His word.  Since that time, he has totally committed his life to Jesus Christ and the ministry.

After accepting his calling to preach for the Lord, he then joined the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Musella, Georgia under the leadership of Pastor Rickey Wright.  As God continued to elevate Pastor Hosley, he began to preach, teach, minister, and sing at numerous churches throughout the area.  Sometimes the path got weary, but Pastor Hosley kept on doing the Will of God.   God saw his faithfulness and elevated him a bit more.  On June 5, 2004, he was called to lead the flock of the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Thomaston, Georgia.  He led that flock until December of 2010.  While being submissive and obedient to the Will of God, he was allowed to spread his wings and fly.  Upon instruction and guidance from God, Pastor Hosley founded the Greater Birth Missionary Church of God.  The first service was held on January 24, 2010.  Here the motto is, “The Church That Is Doing Great Things for God” and the mission statement is “Heaven Is Our Goal”.  Displaying the actions of the motto and mission statement, Pastor Hosley is passionate about preaching and teaching God’s word.   

The Lord united Pastor Hosley with Teresa Johns on December 20, 1992.  She is a God fearing woman, who possesses wisdom beyond her years.  As evidenced by their relationship, First Lady Hosley is also a part of the solid foundation laid out for Pastor Hosley. They are the parents of three sons, Tavius, Brandon, and Tavaris; the proud grandparents of Noah and Brandon, Jr.  With open arms and an open heart, they are also raising Jamal.  They are also the god parents of Corey.  Pastor Hosley is currently employed with the Upson County Sheriff’s Department with the rank of Captain over the Investigation Division.